Open positions

  • Postdoctoral position @ Mike Scarpulla’s lab for research in our new MURI project


Materials Science Postdoc

~ in ~

Manipulation and Characterization of Defects in Ga2O3


Ga2O3 is an ultrawide bandgap oxide of interest for high breakdown voltage electronics.  The field of intense research around this material has exploded in the past few years primarily driven by the availability of large area bulk wafer native substrates giving it a distinct advantage over other material systems such as GaN and SiC.

At the University of Utah we are embarking on a project to understand and manipulate the types, spatial distributions, and concentrations of unintentional impurities and native defects in gallium oxide.  The project involves Profs. Mike Scarpulla, Sriram Krishnamoorthy, and Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez at Utah and Prof. Lynn at Washington State University.  The overall project involves activities in manipulation and characterization of defect concentrations along the full chain from elemental feedstock through bulk crystals and epitaxial films.

The desired postdoctoral researcher will work primarily with Prof. Scarpulla and should be prepared to rapidly make definitive contributions to the boundary of knowledge in this fast-moving field.    The desired candidate will:

  • Be an extremely clever, self-motivated, innovative and independent experimentalist
  • Have a background in materials science or very closely related field
  • Quickly ramp up and add insight and innovation as an experimentalist
  • Work immediately to rapidly publish a high volume of field-leading advances
  • Have a PhD awarded and be available to start in Fall 2018* (anticipated award start date)

The absolutely ideal candidate will additionally have experience in:

  • semiconductor defect physics and chemistry
  • engineering point defect ensembles in semiconductors, ideally oxides
  • thermal processing of oxides
  • electrical testing of materials
  • electrical defect spectroscopies (DLTS etc)
  • optoelectronic materials characterization (PL etc)

Candidates should send a summary cover letter email, CV, PhD course transcript, up to 3 representative publications, and contact information for up to 3 references to Mike Scarpulla:

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