Prospective students

  1. The Terahertz Optoelectronics Research group is always looking for talented motivated Ph.D students and post-docs to join the lab research efforts.
  2. Students interested in joining the group should send Prof. Sensale-Rodriguez an email expressing their interest including their resume and a (non-generic) statement about: (i) why they want to join the lab, (ii) why they believe they are a good match for the lab, and (iii) what they believe they can contribute to the lab.
  3. This will ensure that Prof. Sensale-Rodriguez will review the application once it is made available to him by the University. Note that due to the high volume of emails from prospective students Prof. Sensale-Rodriguez may not be able to respond to individual emails.
  4. Students wishing to join the group as a Ph.D. student should typically:
    1. Have at least one first-author journal publication;
    2. Have a M.S. degree or equivalent research experience;
    3. Have prior research experience in at least one of the five following areas: (a) optics, (b) microwaves, (c) nanofabrication, (d) materials growth and processing, (e) semiconductor devices;
    4. Be highly motivated to become a future leader in (opto)electronic materials and devices.
  5. Prof. Sensale-Rodriguez does not take M.S. students unless: self-funded and with prior area-related research experience.

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